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How To Make More Cash Online Right Here and In Your Home Business::Jim Rivas will show you how

Make More Cash Online Right Here::Industry Legend and 7 Figure Earner Jim Rivas creates revolutionary online Cash Generating System that will allow any business, Home Based Business or Otherwise, to Have Massive Prosperity using a System that your Child Could Master in an Hour.

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How To Make More Cash Online Right Here and In Your Home Business::Jim Rivas will show you how

Make More Cash Online Right Here::Industry Legend and 7 Figure Earner Jim Rivas creates revolutionary online Cash Generating System that will allow any business, Home Based Business or Otherwise, to Have Massive Prosperity using a System that your Child Could Master in an Hour.
Industry Top Earner, Jim Rivas, Changes Companies and Helps Launch The Elite Home Business Opportunity


Master 7 Figure Income Strategy with Top Producer and Trainer,

Jim Rivas, using a Legitimate High Income Home Business Vehicle




Are you willing to leave Your Prosperity to Chance? There is another way ... following the Proven Strategy that I used to become a Million Dollar Annual Earner while also having that which is most important, a high quality Life ...   


Why You Should ... Forget the

"Make Money Doing Nothing" Schemes,

 the Money Games Disguised as Businesses

and just about every

"Sounds too Good To be True"

"Opportunity" you are seeing out here

on the Internet every day ...


... and why you should learn my proven 


that I used to come out of no-where and

become a Record Setting Industry Top Producer
in a short period of time.


Are you leaving your prosperity to chance? Falling for all of the hypeempty promises, and claims of riches for little or no work?  If you think your prosperity will come by just buying some product, or just using some system, or simply following the traditional "stuff" that most home business companies will teach you, then I have some BAD news for you.


Without proper Strategy, you will wander endlessly through trial and error and likely become another Home Based Business casualty. 


When you rely totally on others, some call center, or perhaps a promise of automated wealth, be prepared to learn the hard way, because even if you do make a few dollars with such an approach, it won't last long.


Such schemes are designed to generate huge sums of cash for Top Marketers, at the expense of you, the new, unsuspecting marketer who falls for the "it's so easy",  "remove the human factor", and/or "effortless income" seduction. 


So what happens if the only proposition is making money and you don't? What happens when the government steps in and shuts your automated income down (as they recently did with PAS). What happens when you make money relying on others, and the others go away?


Where will you be then? Angry, Tired, Dejected you walk away feeling totally disenfranchised wondering "What The Hell Happened" ... "I guess that business didn't work!" ... "I guess I was a sucker to think I could make money doing little or no work". And you wouldn't be the first to be victimized by such schemes. It doesn't have to be that way as you are about to learn.


Whether you have fallen for one of these schemes or are contemplating one, trying to figure out if it's a scheme, scam or a real business, I have important information for you that is relevant to your future success, regardless of what you choose to do. 


So, What are you to do? Because ...


Yes, you are still in love with the idea of earning massive income from the comfort of your Home (and you can).  Yes,  you are still tired of the grind, your friends are wrong, and your dreams are still alive! Yes, you deserve to have more, if only you knew exactly how?


As you realize that to Develop Long Lasting Success, requires that you


  • find a way to accelerate your skill development
  • have bullet proof marketing systems and know how to use them
  • know exactly what to do day to day;

you will naturally begin to understand that you must first find a mentor, someone that has been there and done it, someone that has turnkey training programs, someone that provides you the shortcuts, and then execute the simple plan placed at your feet. 


Of course it would be nice if there was no work involved in success. I would be all for it if everyone was successful in such a system. After all, that's the promise right? However, that's simply not the case.


Sink or Swim is the norm; yet Success is not Rocket Science. Once you possess the detailed roadmapunderstand the detailed instructions on how to follow the map, and have a great mentor to serve as your compass, you then have the edge, you then have the missing link. And what at one time seemed so ominous and overwhelming, is now child's play.  You have the skills and you feel unstoppable as you finally take control of your Destiny!  


It has been demonstrated over and over, time and time again, that when you follow my proven plan, you take the shortcut to massive success and prosperity, and this is part of the strategy that I used to become a multiple 7 figure earner in such a short period of time. It's also the same strategy that all of my clients have used in the past.


"Jim ... you have played an instrumental role in our success, the people hitting the ball out of the park, all trained under you ... people that had never been able to produce results before now are top producers ... your training is paying off here in a big way. Thank you for that, I really needed a win ... thank you for all of your help!"
Lori D., Entrepreneur, Kentucky


"Jim ... the new marketing systems and sales training you are providing are incredible, and they WORK! I'm blown away by not only by the marketing technology ... but also the sales technology that we are using in our scripts and presentations. I've been in Fortune 500 sales for 15 years, and I've never seen anything like what we are doing here. This is a Blast!"

Gary W. - San Diego, CA Ex-Fortune 500 company executive


"Jim ... I have trained and mentored with some of the top sales trainers and personal development coaches available today. After years of trying to be successful on home based business, I finally found a strategy, training program, and a mentor to go with it that delivers results.


Because of your system, I have been able to sell my medical practice and replace my 6 figure income with ease and certainty. I has been wonderful knowing that I was involved in a winner. Thank you for being there for me!"

Dr. Simon D., Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur, Oklahoma


It's not the System that will bring you riches. It's what you do with whatever System you choose that makes the difference. A Critical portion of your strategy should be to get as close to those that have blazed the path before you, learn everything you can from them, and reduce your learning curve by 5 to 20 years. 


When you do what many of my Top Earners did to begin to make huge money and start living a life of choice, you will immediately read the rest of this web site and take action to learn more.


Only then will you realize that there is a legitimate alternative to the money games, ponzi schemes, make money doing nothing "schemes", where you can produce huge income, you feel good about being legitimate and you provide real value to your customers, without having to deliver a product yourself or do any presenting or convincing.


Over the last couple of months many people just like you started producing multiple 6 figure income results working with me using this proven strategy and an extraordinary income vehicle ... 


Here's a few ...


  • A mortgage broker from Canada got started and made $7,000 in her first week ...
  • An Art Gallery Owner began earning over $10,000 a month within 60 days of launching her business ...
  • An ex-Insurance Company owner started earning over $40,000 a month within 2 months with no employees and no hassle ...
  • An Ex Ad Executive Earned $17,000 on her first 15 days
  • An experienced Life Coach earned $54,000 in his first 2 WEEKS working with me in my Express Millionaire Program ...
  • A Corporate Sales Executive Earned $3,800 on his first phone call
  • An Ex-Loan Officer Earned $21,000 on her first 3 weeks
  • A work at home mom earned $3,000 in her first 30 days
  • A young ex-Corporate employee produced over $25,000 in his first 2 months ...
  • A Young, Free Spirited Entrepreneur - Earned $32,000 in his first 7 weeks
  • An ex-small business owner earned over $380,000 in his first 4 months ...


If these kind of Results are Important to you ...

then read on ...



Why I Walked Away From a 7 Figure Income Stream ...


Dear Prosperity Seeker ...


In December of 2004, after a 17 year career as a serial small business owner, I began a journey into Home Based Free Enterprise.


What happened next ... Stunned even me ...


You see, I had been successful at generating a 6 figure annual income for over 12 years before walking away from the debt, stress, indentured servitude environment of corporate America. YES, even owning your own small business, where you are relying on Fortune 500 companies as clients has the same feeling of powerlessness as being on their payroll.


Within 7 weeks of working from home, I began bringing in a 6 figure annual income. I thought that was pretty good considering that I had never done anything like it before in my life, and I had learned so many new things in that short period of time.


Here's the stunner ... by simply applying a systematic Strategic approach, putting in a consistent effort, I was able to ramp my income to 10 times what I used to make in only 14 months.


Yes, I began earning over a Million Dollars a year! Working From Home! What a feeling of liberation ... or was it?


Follow me here ... yes when you earn 7 figures a year you feel great ... you have the money to pretty much to do whatever you want and buy whatever you want. Yes I went on the exotic trips. Yes I bought the million dollar home, boats, cars, jet ski's, private school for the kids.


You can have so much fun when you have the money to do what you want, whenever you want to.  


However, after about 18 months in my prior company I began to realize that in spite of my best effort, not enough people were experiencing the success in that program that they came for. Yet so many of them went to other programs and experienced huge success, and many of them to this day continue to thank me for the level of support and service I am accustomed to providing.


I had made a difference to so many. In fact I had the highest success rate in that company with double digit qualification rates. I had become aware though that there was something about that program that was making it difficult for others to succeed, even using my proven formula.


Further, having to deliver the level of training, mentoring, and support that made a difference for my clients was taking it's toll. I even had my own presentation calls that were producing big results. I felt I had to provide an extreme level of support as the company I was representing was not providing support at that level. So it was either serve my customers, or watch them squalor in the typical "shallow" company provided training.


You See, my introduction to Home Based Direct Sales was draped in, to be candid, less than complete truth (I'm being politically correct here). I remember hearing all of these testimonials of how people were making thousands of dollars in their first days and weeks; not just in the company I was representing, but also in just about every other company out there.


So imagine, how I felt, when it took me 7 weeks to break through to huge profits. When I got started, I used the plan that my sponsor told me to follow, and his plan did not work It was not effective, it was out of date, and bending the truth with people is not me. 


I was determined however, I could see that huge profits were to be had in the home based Direct Sales industry. So I sat down, took a hard look at what was being taught, threw it away, and created a simple, step by step, strategy that worked. Within 2 weeks of implementing it, a 6 figure income was streaming to my door.


Jim_Rivas_HBC_Magazine_Cover_May_2006Yes! The Strategy Worked, and I quickly became the Top Earner in that Program. The momentum was building for my methods, and I became the top International trainer for the company, speaking at all of the events and weekly in International tele-seminars. Yes, I was their poster boy, riding the wave in a big way.


In the Fall of 2006, that company decided to go in a different direction. As a team player I decided to follow their lead. Only 1 problem ... the direction they were headed was not compatible with the solution and strategy I was using (and teaching). Something had to give ...



My Rejection of Industry Norms


I always felt it was important to market a legitimate product where you provide real value, the kind of value that is "Retail-able", it stands on it's own merit. A retail-able product is one that you could sell consistently, at the full retail price, to people other than those interested in the opportunity, and those customers would be happy with the products or receive a refund.


So I set out on a personal mission to effect change in the industry by raising the bar. I wanted my customers to have more ... more training, more mentoring, more value ... more for their money. I wanted to market an opportunity where there was guaranteed value, something that you could get your beliefs around.


How the I Changed the Game


I started by creating a written business plan for all new associates and then complemented that plan with an extensive array of training and support teleconferences. For the very serious, I also created the Express Millionaire Program which includes exclusive Express Millionaire Blueprint, LIVE training events, on-premises saturation training, and priority access to myself and my resources.


Before it was all said and done though, I was hosting dozens of training and support teleseminars per week, hosting my own presentation calls, and literally spending 20 hours per day ... WORKING!.


Working hard to achieve your goals is a good thing ... having no life because you have to work so hard to make up for what your company is supposed to be doing ... is not.


After all, what good is a million plus dollars a year in income if you don't have the time to enjoy it? What good is a compensation plan that builds no residual leverage such that, every day you are starting from zero. Might as well sell cars for a living.


Regardless of the business that you are in, the goal is to get to the point where you create time freedom through financial independence. If you don't have the time to do the things that are important to you ... what good is all of the money?


I knew what I had been a part of for my first 2 years in Home Based Free Enterprise, was not the very best it could be, so it was time to either find a business and product line that met my criteria, or create it.


So I did something that EVERYONE thought was crazy ...


I WALKED AWAY from a Million Dollar Per Year Income Stream


Yes, I walked away from an environment that required that I work like a fool to satisfy my own standards of integrity; to deliver real value for my customers.


And then, once I made the Decision to pursue other endeavors, the Law of Attraction took over ...


Within a couple of days, I was on a plane heading to Oregon to meet with 2 very successful and visionary leaders that I had met in my prior company. These leaders had quietly left the other company over the previous few months. I had only days before discovered why ...


When I first heard of the project, I suddenly remembered a conversation I had participated in 6 months earlier and it all became clear ...


Yes I want to Take the Next Step and Learn More Now!


"What if there was a company

 that just did it Right ..."



Just a few months prior to beginning to look for another income vehicle I had been involved in a conversation with two extraordinary seasoned entrepreneurs. These two leaders in my prior company were already dis-satisfied with the state of the Direct Sales Network Marketing Industry as a whole. ( Read the Whole Story here )


At the conclusion of that conversation, an idea had been planted in my head ...


What if there was a company that offered products with real marketable value, products everyone needed no matter what their business or method of income


What if those products were so good that the company would back them up with a Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction?


What if those products actually assisted you in a big way to finding the success you always dreamed of, yet never quite know how to attain.


What if the compensation plan was fair spreading money to all people involved in a sale no matter what their status in the plan.


What if the compensation plan provided for large dollar income as well as long term residual income.


What if you did away with "Pass Up" sales.


What if the company actually provided world class training, support, and systems so as a distributor you did not have re-create the wheel to be successful.


What if this company was created by marketers for marketers, and was managed by very experienced and highly successful team of Direct Sales Entrepreneurs.


What if you just did it right?


It's not a "What if" anymore. It's a "Is Happening" now company. You will learn more about this company when you take the next step and complete the form below. This is the strongest opportunity for high dollar income in the marketplace today; especially if providing guaranteed value to your customers is important to you.


This opportunity combined with a concrete proven strategy that you implement with my assistance is your ticket to the success you always wanted.


Yes I want to Take the Next Step and Learn More Now!



What a journey!


What began as my own quest to be involved with, to contribute to, to help build the most ambitious, most profound, and most lucrative home business model ever created, resulted in some very unexpected results in my own life.


Yes, I wanted to make more money with ease. 

Yes, I wanted to feel good about what I was representing.

Yes, I wanted to help people in a more profound way, and

Yes, I wanted to actually have a life ...


What Shocked Me, was how Fast it all happened.


We opened pre-launch in late Spring 2007, and began building our community.  With pre-launch behind us months ago, this company is now shipping the highest quality products in the marketplace today Guaranteed!


By the time we had opened, I had been able to spend a few months working on my own skills and my marketing. As a result in the first 6 months of operations including pre-launch I was able to bank over $400K with this new company. The opportunity is still ground floor, and we are experiencing exponential growth right now.


During your due diligence I will share with you further examples of un-intended yet incredible value that I have derived from this program. I'm talking about mind blowing changes in my life and results as the direct result of our products.


Yes I want to Take the Next Step and Learn More Now!!


What's the Strategy that will be Your Shortcut to Having More!


Have you ever noticed that every story of a self made millionaire includes success in a business where the millionaire was able to dramatically increased their cash flow on their way to financial independence?


Every success strategy that will produce wealth involves a large increase in your income, so the first part of the strategy is to "Copy" not invent a proven solution. And if integrity is important to you, choosing the right Opportunity as your income is critical.


Want To Create an Enormously Profitable Home Business in 90 Days or Less Using Proven Strategy and a Legitimate Income Vehicle?
Then Read on ...


First, What Does A Totally Legitimate Direct Sales Business Look Like Anyway? Think Fortune 500 Company Standards ...


  • Money Back "Guaranteed To Produce Results" Products, if you don't get the desired result, you get a refund! Wouldn't you expect a money back satisfaction guarantee from a legitimate company? Why settle for anything less from the company behind your opportunity?
  • No Pass Up Sales, Make Money on your First Sale, and on Every Sale that you are part of. Ready for the end of the nearly impossible 2-ups?
  • Highly Lucrative Hybrid Compensation Plan that pays you big as you build AND pays you big after you've done it ... residually. Your sponsor cares because they are vested in your success, and your customers and their customers pay you over and over.
  • Backed by a US Based Company that Understands and Delivers Excellence. A company built for the People by People ... people who were tired of all of the weak, lame, "grab the money" opportunities on the market.
  • Legitimate World Class Training and Support Delivered at the Company Level. Can you say Live Customer Service staffed by ... real people? No more need for being on the right "Team" or group.
  • 30 Day Risk Free Test Drive of the Opportunity, if you don't like it, get a refund!
  • A High Value Product Lineup that you will actually be proud to own and share with everyone you know. Can you say Guaranteed Value! Everyone walking this planet could improve the quality of their lives with these products!
  • An Elite Community of Excellence Oriented Individuals that support you on your quest to have more; Top Industry Professionals available to you to lead, guide, and inspire you every day. 
  • World Class Internet Marketing and Sales Training provided; no need to spend thousands of dollars on additional training programs.
  • An Easy Simple to follow and duplicate-able System, yes it does work and it is simple! We believe in and practice 1 voice, 1 way, 1 method, and it works!
  • Monthly LIVE Franchise Class Training Events so you can get an explosive start to your business with hands on training.
  • No Lies, No gimmicks, and only the Truth for a change! We shoot straight with you so you can make a truly informed decision based on reality. Our business and our products sell themselves.
  • NO Hype! It's not needed when you tell the truth!
  • And much much more!


You will get to see everything risk free before making a decision so you can feel good about the fact that you did the right thing.


Yes I want to Take the Next Step and Learn More now!


How You Can Leverage Your Own Success, and Greatly Shorten Your Own Ascent To a Pinnacle Life by Working With Me as Your  Mentor ...


Results! When you get right down to it, if you want to have more in your life ... more money, more time, great relationships, vibrant health, total happiness ... learning from someone that has been there and done that can greatly reduce the time it takes you to achieve those results.


Over the last few years, I learned an important lesson that had been missing for most of my professional life. Find the people that have the kind of success you want in life, gain access to them, learn everything you can from them; and then COPY their strategy.


It took me 22 years to get to where I am now. It doesn't have to take YOU that long!





When you take the next step and start your due diligence, you will take a tour of the LP Unlimited opportunity and learn how my strategy, support, and mentoring can assist you to accelerate your own success.


I'll show you my Internet Marketing Training platform, a beginners to advanced ongoing training environment that I provide for my clients. When you begin, you have access to over 30 hours of online Internet Marketing training videos that teach a surgical approach to launching an Internet Marketing campaign.


"Hi Jim,

I want you to know, the Samurai Sessions were awesome! Each lesson was succinct and I especially appreciated the "back and forth" among all the participants. I believe the casual setting inspired practical techniques to be revealed and allowed the lesson to be planted

like a seed immediately into the real world of internet marketing. 


I felt like I was sitting in your living room surrounded by great friends and we were masterminding the next "big thing!" "

Patricia W., Entrepreneur, Seattle, Washington


"Hey Jim,

I just wanted to let you know I think Samurai Internet Marketing training is awesome! I tip my hat to you. ... Thanks a million $"

Ed Wilkins, Entrepreneur, Florida


The Missing Link... Found

"I've been Marketing on The net for 4 years now, with limited success. On the first training session you revealed a Google trick I never heard before. This information was the "missing link" that kept me out of the Big Time. Thanks to you Jim, I'll never make that mistake again. The hands on training and personal mentoring you provide ... is priceless. I was in profits in days from that first training. Thanks Again!"

William F. - Los Angeles, Small business and Internet Entrepreneur


You will also learn about my game changing Relationship and Communication skill sets training, an approach which has produced multiple 7 figure results in a short period of time. You will quickly see that when you learn the real secrets to generating huge results, and you apply them as instructed, you will feel confident and excited because you are now an elite marketer.


"Hi Jim,

I just want you to know that I am blown away by Mach 1 Relationships. I have been studying sales techniques and communications techniques for over 20 years, and no-one has ever put this all together in a concise easy to follow system that anyone can learn.


As a direct result of this training over the last 60 days, I am having an incredible run, achieving numbers like I haven't seen in a long time, really never.


Thank you for creating the Mach 1 System and for taking the time to teach it!"

Greg Hillman, Sales Executive, Entrepreneur, Dallas, TX



"For years I have tried to understand exactly how to "connect" with my prospects. So many of today's top sales trainers say to just "connect" with my prospect to get to know them better; however, I was never really able to understand exactly how to do it in any situation.


Thanks to the Mach 1 System, that is no longer the case, and I am having much more profound discussions with my prospects. I can tell I am actually helping them now, and they are calling me back.


I went from receiving no callbacks, to having about 15% of my prospects calling me back. I can see how this will turn into major cash flow in the very near future as I have already generated a sale with these new skills. There is hope for my home business after all!"

Susan G., Work at Home Mom, Canton, OH



"I thought the Samurai Marketing Sessions were over the top as I can now generate all of the leads I need from the Internet. Now I know exactly what to say to those leads, and how to convert them into sales. Thanks for the Mach 1 System!"

Carmen D., Entrepreneur, Houston, TX



And most importantly I will show you that if you choose what I have to offer you in added support, and you follow my detailed strategy, you become a master of your own results, and feel more certain about embarking in free enterprise. And of course, during this process, you will see if there is a fit between us.


Understand this, I have an integrity standard that is uncompromising. I chose this opportunity because the standards of integrity of this company are in 100% alignment with my own.


I am certain that every one of my clients in this program will get value FAR in excess of what money they may spend. I am also certain when you take this seriously, and apply effort consistently as directed, you will ultimately experience the fruits of your success.


Why You Want To Work With A Proven Leader ...


  • That will provide SOLUTIONS to cracking the code so you can have more prosperity faster ... 
  • That will teach you everything I know and reduce your learning curve ...
  • That has a proven strategy for success that you get starting with ...
  • That has demonstrated that his methods work ...
  • That is a proven mentor and teacher ...
  • That has spend $160,000 + in his own self development and marketing training, so You won't have to ...
  • That conducts himself with the highest standards of Integrity in an industry littered with many "Grab The Money" cash sucking individuals ...
  • That will never chase you, harass you, pressure you, or insult you ...
  • Will not waste your time, nor deceive you ... Ever!


If you are looking for any of these things in your mentor/leader, then I suggest you contact me.


Read What My Customers Say About me Here


Are you someone that is qualified to work with me and this opportunity?


If you  ...


  • ... are looking to earn serious money, a million dollars over the next 3-4 years or at least $250,000 a year beginning right away ...
  • ... are Coach able and Trainable ...
  • ... have Burning Desire for Success ...
  • ... can follow a simple Strategic Plan and System ...
  • ... are willing to learn new skills, the skills of success ...
  • ... are Committed and Serious to having more success...
  • ... Understand that Success is a Process and have the patience to pursue your dreams with passion and purpose ...
  • ... someone that Will Do What it Takes (not "Want or Try" to do what it takes) ...


Then complete the form below to schedule a meeting with me.


Yes I want to Take the Next Step and Learn More now!



Are you ready to have more in your life ... for good?


Are you ready to Learn from a Serious Mentor in a Legitimate Home Business Program?


Are you ready to take concrete decisive action?


Imagine that moment, in your near future, when you are sitting there, remembering this day, the time you had spent to read this web site, the time you invested to learn more now, the action you took to call me now was the precursor to the Success You Enjoy Now! And you feel good for having been decisive and pursued the rest of the information now ...


Because You Took the action to learn more in this moment ...

  • You didn't get scammed
  • You didn't get stuck with a Grab The Money mentor and program
  • You were able to take a complete test drive if this opportunity Today
  • You are now on the road to pursuing your dreams and having more knowing that you are not alone, that all of the mentoring and coaching you require is at your disposal, and not left to chance.
  • You now live your life by Design!


All because you decided to take action here and now!


Come discover how you can and will learn from me, how to use my strategic sure fire approach, and then enjoy you new reality and Design Your Life.


Yes I want to Take the Next Step and Learn More now!


Why you should do what this Decisive Leader did ...


When I was searching for the right opportunity, surfing the Internet, just like you are now, I did not wait for someone to call me back. I instead decided to pick up the phone and get the information needed to make a decision right away. Within a few weeks from today, you can do what I did; earn a multiple 6 figure income because you make quick decisive decision and take action as directed.


When I was looking for a change from what I was doing (producing a 7 figure annual income) I learned about this business opportunity and picked up the phone. Within days I was on a plane so I could be decisive ... That decisiveness landed me the top position with the company and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income even during the development stages of the company.


One of my new associates got started playing full out after evaluating this opportunity. He didn't waste any time either, and turned around and made $54,000 in his first 2 weeks.


Another of my associates got started after a 24 hour review of the information and 5 days later had made $7,000.


What are you going to do? Success Leaves Clues ..


Complete the form below in order to subscribe to my mail list, and then


BE DECISIVE  ... call me at 866-495-2115 Toll Free to Schedule Your Personalized Millionaire Strategy Session ... No Strings Attached!


Call 866-495-2115 Right Now! Prosperity waits for no-one!


I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you to have more beginning now!


Jim Rivas

Founding Visionary Leader

Direct Sales Industry Top Earner and Award Winning Marketer

866-495-2115 Toll Free Us and Canada

713-429-4450 US Direct.


PS .....




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As you look for the perfect opportunity, and to be true and authentic to yourself, you opt in to learn more about this option, this business, this mentor, and you become confident that you satisfy your own thirst for information about the right thing for you. 


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Jim with Charlie and Ellie Drake heading out to Jet Ski with Meredith and Adin

Jim With a

Mahi Mahi

Jim With a Wahoo

Jim with a 70# Yellowfin Tuna






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