Renegade Internet Marketing Master Creates Amazing New AUTOMATED INTERNET Traffic Sucking System; Hundreds of SHOCKED Technically CHALLENGED Marketers Reaching Page One of Google in only 7 Days with Simple Interface ... Many predict this REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY WILL MAKE ALL OTHERS OBSOLETE ... MORE SUCCESS IN CARBON COPY PRO REVIEW business is certain

Dateline December 8, 2004: Experienced small business entrepreneur get's started in Home Business and Internet Marketing and proceeds to earn over a Million Dollars in the next 12 months using a marketing system he developed and used exclusively.
    After several more years of multiple 7 figure per year results, this Marketing Superstar got an idea ... What would happen if he made his system available to every small business owner; home based or otherwise? Would he be able to dramatically increase duplication and success rates?     So he began what resulted in a 30 month project which involved collaborating with other Top Internet Minds and blending all of the known main stream SEO and Social Media Strategies into one comprehensive software platform, the likes of which has never been seen before.
    While he knew his system worked and worked well, the challenge was in developing an interface and a systemized approach which was radically different and yet very simple for the technically challenged marketer. He wanted his users to be able to completely skip learning traditional Internet Marketing Strategies.
    After years of leading the development effort, and spending over $2,000,000 of his own money, he finally launched the first version of this revolutionary and completely different approach in early 2010.
    Never satisfied that his user interface was simple enough, he proceeded to create 4 more versions of the groundbreaking application until it arrived at it's current form ..: a system so simple even a child can use it competently ... Literally!


 The next step of course was social proof; actual results being created by average people. So he began offering his new software system during a "Soft Launch" of his company in July 2010 with a small group of people for all walks of life, and with varied skill sets. The results were shocking. Beginner marketers were up and running on the system in as little as an hour.
    And to everyone's amazement, nearly 100% of the Systems users attained Page 1 Ranking on Google in as little as seven (7) days from getting started with a totally new domain, and with ZERO experience.
     With the system Proven, these members began to eagerly market the system so they could cash in big on the expansion of this new, and only system, which gave them the ability to hit the target; and without spending hundreds, or thousands of dollars.

No Experience, no skills,
no problem
"I was plesantly shocked to see my web site on page 1 of Google in only 6 days" C. Johnson, CA
Why create such a system in
the first place?

It's not a big secret that fewer that 1% of the Marketers on the Internet make 99% of the Money.
    It's also no secret that individuals in opportunities like carbon copy pro review who know how to market on the internet are THE top earners, month in and month out.
    Further, it is even a smaller secret that individuals spend Billions of Dollars per year, and countless hours of their time just trying to learn the main stream, higly complex strategies.
    The PROBLEM is that the very few who do know how to market don't want the others to be able to compete with them. So they keep them away from the real knowledge, referring them instead to old out of date strategies and tactics via e-courses, membership platforms, and seminars. The consumer eventually has to accept this one altruism ... the vast majority of people don't posses the technical skills to effectively market carbon copy pro review on the Internet.
    The Internet Gurus and Top Earners in carbon copy pro review know the average person will never make it on the web; and they also know that newbies will keep buying training products while they try to join the Internet Prosperity Party.
    Therefore, the reason for creating this powerful system and making it available to the public is simple ... to make it easy for everyone to generate their own, high-quality targeted leads, generate new customers, and sell products to an endless and vast Internet Marketplace.


It's very simple ... MONEY and TIMING. Imagine having a product to offer that every business, every entrepreneur, every home based business, every small business, and even every medium and large business as well as the carbon copy pro review business actually NEEDS to compete.
    The sooner you get started using this technology, the sooner you will reach Page 1 on the Search Engines; which means the sooner you will make more money from your existing business. And there is ANOTHER reason to act immediately.


In Addition to the instant ability to make more money in your carbon copy pro review business WITH this technology; you also have an extraordinary opportunity to make huge money OFF OF the technology.
    The hybrid compensation system features guaranteed residual payouts assuring that you WILL make money OFF OF the explosion of this technology onto the Internet, even if you don't market the technology yourself.
    This compensation plan is simple and uses a Matrix to calculate bonuses, which means you earn the equivalent of FREE MONEY from other users as the matrix fills through spill over.

    The sooner you get started and positioned in this pay plan, the more money you will make in the short term AND long term. Many high-level matrix positions are still open due to the fact that this opportunity and technology were just released to the open marketplace. "It's like getting in on Google in 1996."

if you are reading this you alREady know the system works

    The very fact that you are reading this web page is PROOF that the system works. How else could you have found this web page if it were not for the effectiveness of this very technology?
    This system can only help you if you ACT! Be the first in your business to take over the prime keywords, have an unfair advantage over your comeptition; OR watch your markets being taken over by others using this system. It won't be long before Everyone knows about this technology.
    And forget about Wordpress and other Web 2.0 applications, this system blows them all away. In fact it will make them all work better.
    In as little as a few minutes, you can begin to have a better life, more free time, more marketing firepower, a way to finally dominate the markets that will bring you wealth.

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carbon copy pro review::What Is Carbon Copy PRO

carbon copy pro review::Carbon Copy PRO is a top-tier internet marketing company. "Top Tier" internet marketing company sells products which generally generate commissions of $1000 per sale. The products behind Carbon Copy PRO are a series of financial education products designed to educate the user on topics such as asset protection, debt management (getting out of debt), credit restoration, minimizing your taxes to increase your cash flow, and so on.

What Is Carbon Copy PRO

If you’re thinking of getting into home-based business, or more specifically internet marketing, you’ve likely come across some sort of information about Carbon Copy PRO. If you’re clueless about what Carbon Copy PRO actually is, the following article will explain.

What Is Carbon Copy PRO?

Carbon Copy PRO is a top-tier internet marketing company. A “top tier” internet marketing company sells products which generally generate commissions of $1000 per sale. The products behind Carbon Copy PRO are a series of financial education products designed to educate the user on topics such as asset protection, debt management (getting out of debt), credit restoration, minimizing your taxes to increase your cash flow, and so on. The upper-end products serve to educate the user on investment strategies of the ultra-wealthy... strategies and opportunities unknown to most people. The founders of Carbon Copy PRO chose these as their base products because the information would help people thrive in a recession/depression, and because it’s education that one should simply have to secure their future financially.

How Does Carbon Copy PRO Work?

With Carbon Copy PRO, you market your business opportunity to the millions searching daily for legitimate home-based businesses. You are not directly marketing the financial education products, rather, you are marketing the entire system as a whole as a home-based business opportunity. The Carbon Copy PRO system provides you with the tools, support, and training, on how to successfully market your opportunity and generate sales of the top-tier products.

The Carbon Copy PRO system (business model, training, tools, and support) has years of development behind it, and as such, is not fully available to the general public, i.e. it is only available to Carbon Copy PRO members. However, this article should have helped clarify the general idea behind Carbon Copy PRO.

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carbon copy pro review::Is CCpro Legitimate for Making Money for the masses

carbon copy pro review::If you deal in the internet home business, you probably may have come across words like 'carbon copy pro review'. And if you're clueless about what is the whole truth behind this internet marketing idea, propagated to help you earn millions, browse through this article, that covers all about carbon copy pro reviews.

Introduction of internet technology had long ago changed the world arena in terms of economy and finance. The cyber world has become one of the biggest sources that present tremendous opportunities for living any dreams of entrepreneurship. Internet business has been bulldozed due to easier reach to innumerable audiences and amazing business opportunities. In my previous articles, I talked about postcard profits - is it a scam? and is force max scam?. Here, I'll inform you about the mystery that clouds, 'carbon copy pro review', that is another fascinating internet home business idea. Whose brain child is this business idea and what are the various negative aspects of this idea? Is it a scam? Answers to these questions form the further contents of this article.

Is Carbon Copy Pro Review Scam?
With the advent of internet, the avenues in internet home business have increased by leaps and bounds. Of late, if you've been wondering of acquiring some home based internet business, then you must have encountered the term 'carbon copy pro review'. The carbon copy pro scam has gained a lot of media attention in the recent years. In the space of world wide web marketing and advertising, carbon copy pro has gained recognition as a top tier internet marketing program, that has the ability to let people involved in it, earn millions, by working from their homes. This program has been promoted as one that creates home employment.

Positive Aspects of Carbon Copy Pro Review
This business idea was pioneered by Jay Kubassek, a New York based entrepreneur, and Aaron Parkinson, in 2007. The Carbon Copy Pro marketing techniques train people doing this business to sell products, that are fixed for a commission of US$1000 per sale. Like different business opportunities present on the internet, Carbon copy pro also sells products to consumers.

However, in this case, the products are a bit different, that is, they're a series of monetary education products that are designed to help users on various topics that may include asset production, debt management, debt restoration and various laws related to taxes. These products are business tactics and ideas that can help people especially those who have large capitals to invest properly and even sail smoothly during financial turmoil and harsh economies. In essence, the intent behind carbon copy pro is to secure the future of the individual financially.

Negative Aspects of Carbon Copy Pro Review
Now, everything about this business is fine except when we start going into this concept deeper. According to sources, what Jay Kubassek envisioned through carbon copy pro business idea was to create a wealth system that could be more successful than normal multi level marketing idea. Jay collaborated with Wealth Masters International, a financial services based agency in Texas.

The main idea of Jay was that he joined with a business model to generate what is called as 'front end commissions' and 'back end residuals' to sustain those who were involved in this business. The issues that popped up in this business are about initial membership charges that are generally very high, that is the carbon copy pro cost is usually, US$1500. Now, customers review on internet will give you an idea about this business program taking thousands or hundreds of dollars as membership charges and then the profits incurred are negligible, in some cases.

If you go deep down studying and researching about carbon copy pro review, you'll notice that there are various views about this business. Nevertheless, one thing is sure, you've to look at both sides of the coin, before you join carbon copy pro community. While some have reported to have been fooled, some have informed about profits. You as an aware internet user must not be swayed by any alluring offers or options. You must give time to understand the real truth behind carbon copy pro business systems and only then, you should proceed further. This is where I conclude.

By Kundan Pandey
Published: 6/16/2010

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carbon copy pro review | What Is The Truth About The CarbonCopyPro Business

carbon copy pro review::Before we begin to talk about carbon copy pro I want to explain something very important to help you make up your own mind about starting an internet based business with carbon copy pro.

Before we begin to talk about carbon copy pro I want to explain something very important to help you make up your own mind about starting an internet based business with carbon copy pro. This is the only thing you need to know to make an informed decision about carboncopypro so pay attention now and you will never need to review another single piece of information; article, press release or videos about carboncopypro. Here goes;

Due to the success of the carboncopypro business model and the strength of it's brand you are unlikely to find unbiased carboncopypro information anywhere online. FACT.

There it is; the truth about carbon copy pro.



For the simple reason that there are only two types of people reviewing carboncopypro; those already established within the company like myself and those who are, under one guise or another, competing against the company from behind the doors of some other internet based marketing model.

I know, stinks doesn't it?

It means that you, the reviewee of this business opportunity with CCPro are faced with what can look like an unending barrage of promotional material or slamming condemnation of the carboncopypro marketing system, the business model and the community behind it. Difficult to get to the truth about carbon copy, right?

Yes. But NOT impossible...

Here's a quick disclaimer for you, to explain my position before we move on...

I have been building a business with carboncopypro for around six months. I spent three or four years online prior to joining the carboncopypro team. I have been around long enough to understand that you will make your own mind up about this business, whether you like the spin I put on this or not and so, for that reason I will do my best to provide details of the system and business model and leave out any hyped up sales figures, income claims or false testimonials.

That's all I can offer you and if it's not enough then perhaps you should move on and find a hyped up video somewhere on YouTube from someone promising to make you rich in the next 30 days because you will not hear that from me, okay?

I have to tell you that I've taken almost three years to review carboncopypro and finally, six months into joining the marketing community and discovering what it's all about, I now write a few articles about CCPro to let others see if it's right for them (Google CarbonCopyPRO Scam and you'll find my content top of search...)

This is as detailed as you will need in terms of information and advice about the carboncopypro business model but remember, it's written by someone within the business already (me) so take it in but make a balanced decision when you're feel you have all the information you need.

Will this article tell you if carboncopypro is right for you?


Only you can do that.

Ready to get started? Okay...



What is CarbonCopyPRO?

In 2007 Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson launched carbon copy pro onto the home based internet business marketplace with the support of a small number of leading names from the home based business industry.

The carbon copy pro system was designed to provide an education tool, income opportunity and marketing community for would-be entrepreneurs. A step-by-step marketing system with the aim to enable failing internet marketers to follow the system and duplicate the success of Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson and other carbon copy pro leaders such as industry leader and marketing specialist Mike Dillard.

But did this happen?

Let's see..

In the first 60 days after the carboncopypro launched, in partnership with financial services company Wealth Masters International, the company's sales indicators saw an increase of over 400%.WMI had neither predicted or planned for this level of sales volume increase and as you can imagine Kubassek was quickly propelled to stardom within the industry due to the rapid success of the carboncopypro marketing model and it's team of pioneers.

Incredible figures even by online standards and in no time at all news of what Kubassek and his carbon copy pro marketing team had done spread across the internet like wild fire. It didn't take long for the carboncopypro team to attract a few more serious marketers and big names in the home based business niche to the ranks.

But other things were also brought to the carboncopypro table...


carbon copy pro review::Is CarbonCopyPRO A SCAM?

...What resulted was a one way cat fight with carbon copy pro's competitors keen to derail Kubassek's plan, claim or aim to create 100 millionaires by 2012.

Names were called, accusations were hurled and the words carbon copy pro is a scam were heard for the first time online.

But does the scam exist and what is the truth behind carbon copy pro? Scam or success where does carbon copy pro really stand?

Let's take a look at the carbon copy pro business, the marketing system and the income opportunity, to let you make up your own mind whether or not Carbon Copy Pro is a scam or a legitimate online business opportunity.

What is carbon copy pro?

In very simple terms Carbon Copy Pro is a sales, marketing and online education system for entrepreneurs; designed by Kubassek and Parkinson to improve online marketing in four main areas allowing new and existing internet marketers to follow a formula for marketing a business on the internet;







The carbon copy group established a team of knowledgeable, experienced and committed internet marketers to combine their strengths, successes and failures, and turn that into a system with a 95% automated delivery, allowing new online marketers like you and I to earn while they learned if they followed the ccpro system and invested time to both marketing activity and education.

The system was established and put in place; all it needed was a few good men (or women) to make it happen...


But what is the business carbon copy pro promote?

What does carboncopypro sell?

When Kubassek launched carbon copy pro back in late 2007 he wanted to offer his members a marketing system that could create and build wealth much faster than a traditional multi level marketing business model could do.

He wanted to partner with a business model and product range which would generate front end commissions and back end residuals for life for those who put the effort in and committed themselves to building a business within the carbon copy pro community.

This top tier business model meant a higher initial investment than many had experienced before in the home based business industry and Kubassek was quick to position carboncopypro as an elite investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and not just another work at home opportunity, in order to attract the right type of prospects and business partners to the carboncopypro team. Those prepared to invest time and capital and see this through to its conclusion.


carbon copy pro review::What is a Top Tier Business Opportunity?

So, what is a top tier business model and how does it work?

A top tier direct sales business opportunity such as ccpro allows members to make higher commissions from fewer sales, creating a substantially higher profit margin from the same online marketing activity.

A top tier business model does not make the business of marketing online any easier but simply provides higher rewards to those able and willing to acquire the knowledge to succeed.

A bi-product of this model is that it also attracts serious business builders and those committed to building a business online over time and is less likely to attract people who are hopping from one business opportunity to another.

In short, a top tier opportunity such as CarbonCopyPRO attracts entrepreneurs who understand that building a business requires capital investment to get off the ground and ongoing funding to support advertising campaigns and generate prospects and leads.

This is a sales and marketing business after all and those who understand that starting position have seen the best results with carbon copy and will continue to do so.

Here's where the search for a top tier business opportunity took carbonCopyPRO...


carbon copy pro review::Wealth Masters International

What Kubassek found was a leading Texas based financial services company called Wealth Masters International, who provide debt advice, financial services solutions and wealth creation opportunities to its customers and investors.

WMI offered the perfect solution to Jay Kubassek's business building needs.

CarbonCopyPRO HQ, Soho, NY.















Map DataMap data ©2010 Google  Imagery ©2010 , Bluesky, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Sanborn, USDA Farm Service Agency - Terms of Use


Map Data


Map data ©2010 Google Imagery ©2010 , Bluesky, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Sanborn, USDA Farm Service Agency







What would carbon copy pro Mean For You?

Review CarbonCopyPRO

A small reality check before going any further...

A Carbon Copy Pro business is NOT for everyone. It may NOT be right for YOU!

Carbon copy pro, like all business models and online programmes, takes time, real commitment and real effort to acquire the right level of knowledge and experience to be successful.

Some people will fail with a carbon copy pro business just as they would fail with any other business venture.

But some people will and do succeed. These people are entrepreneurs, business builders and lifelong learners. Nothing more.

Carboncopypro offers the vehicle to achieve success to those individuals who chose online sales and marketing as a way to bring in an extra $1,000, $2,000 or $20,000 per month from home, that's all.

Are there other business opportunities out there that do the same?

Yes, the internet is full of opportunities.

Is CarbonCopyPRO the best way system for teaching you how to make money online?

From my experience it is...

Although there are many courses available to teach you how to market online few offer the turn key solutions and income streams available to carboncopypro members.

This is what you get with carboncopypro;


An Unlimited income opportunity - although NOT everyone will make money from this business model, many will and have already done so and with time that income could just grow beyond your hopes and expectations and occassionally beyond your dreams.

Advanced marketing knowledge - without doubt carboncopypro has the best internet marketing training system available anywhere online at the price it is currently offered at.

Ongoing support and training from leading experts in the industry - the business and marketing system was and is being constantly updated to keep ahead of the competition.

Live training events and seminars - this is a great way to work on your own personal development and to network with industry leaders. It has been proved that your net worth is directly influenced by those around you and the chance to network with leading internet marketers and learn from them is a major part of carboncopypro's successful business and education model.

Travel to exotic places - many of these events are held in absolute luxury, so pack your bags and be prepared to enjoy the ride with ccpro if this is something that appeals to you.

The chance to change your financial future - in today's economic climate this is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider.

There are no guarantees but everything you need to become a successful internet business owner is made available to you from day one when you join carboncopypro.

Free time and peace of mind from knowing you have built a great future for yourself and your family - maybe this is the bottom line for all of us and over time this is what every carboncopypro business owner is working towards one day at a time.


Is it for YOU?


carbon copy pro review::Go Take A Look At CarbonCopyPRO right below ...




carbon copy pro review::Your Internet Based Network Marketing Business

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Carbon Copy Pro: CarbonCopyPro Reviews|Before You Buy Your Application Kit Be Sure To Read This CCPro Review

Carbon Copy Pro: CarbonCopyPro Reviews|The Carbon Copy Pro Review For Dummies, Dreamers and MLM Failures

roswebb 19 months ago

lots of good info - thanks

sabina s 9 months ago

carbon copy pro is a scam. You are probably employed by them. Stop stealing money from hard working people. Carbon Copy Pro's main mission is to get as many people as possible to pay their $1500 fee. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Neil Ashworth 9 months ago

Thanks Ros.

Neil Ashworth 9 months ago

Sabina - your comments on carboncopypro and me are based on opinion and not fact and are incorrect; way off the beaten track in fact...

I am not ashamed of what I do; which is to help other people who want to get out of their 9 to 5 job and create freedom in their lives, to do so. I work long hours helping my team to understand and apply internet marketing tools and strategies to change their lives for the better and for that I make no apologies.

carboncopypro is an online education system and possibly the best you will come across. It costs $395 to get started.

You have two choices when learning how to make money online;

1. Trial and error - try out lots of different programmes, tools and a few of your own ideas and see what sticks; a lot of people try this for a few years when they first come online and then after accruing even more debt than they started off with, they return to their day job even worse off.

2. You can invest in a proper education, learn how to market effectively online and study with people who have a proven track record in the system and have a product or service proven to have a market already in place.

carboncopypro offers you the second option...

It's up to you which one you chose.

Christie 9 months ago

Thanks Niel,

Great content first of all. I don't know if this one is for me or not but I can see from the information here that you are clearly offering all you can for people to let them decide one way or another about carboncopypro.

If I wanted to start my carboncopypro business working with you how would I go about that?

Neil Ashworth 9 months ago

Christie - thanks for dropping by to view and for leaving a comment. Take your time before making up your mind about starting a business with carbonCopyPRO or any inetrnet business for that matter. The internet has been around for almost two decades and will be here for another two atleast in one shape or form and any business built online should be one that can grow with the web.

If you decide you want to get started and want to come into my team either follow one of the links above on the page or contact me directly through the contact tab above.

Either way, good luck with whatever you decide Christie...

Pete Stockdale 8 months ago

Hi Neil

Your site is the only one I have come across with pricing information. But I notice the $395 is to "get started". Can you give any further information?



Neil Ashworth 8 months ago

Hi Pete,

You should be able to find all the answers you need either here or on my other articles on this topic. ..

There is a belief that price can kill the sale and to a degree I agree with this (as a general sales and marketing principal), which is why you won't see the majority of articles talking numbers. My opinion on this one is simple..

The product (a cutting edge online education and marketing system) is good value for money at whatever price - real marketing education that works online is actually (almost) priceless (but not quite as you still need to see a good ROI whatever system you employ) but, with limitless possibilities on the internet, a good marketing system and a sales funnel that converts is worth its weight in gold as you will appreciate if you are involved in online investments as your link indicates Pete.

"To get started".. you purchase the carboncopypro black box - a marketing system that offers a turnkey solution, extensive marketing knowledge and education paired with a high converting sales funnel - for a one tme investment of $395.00. To be honest with you this is far too cheap for what you get and what you can get in return if you aply the knowledge into your marketing strategy. Having been around long enough to know a good product from a bad one I have no issue at all talking numbers here, as my belief is that CarbonCopyPRO is the best internet marketing system available at a price way below many others on the market that deliver only a portion of what our product offers.

Take a look at the other articles Pete and feel free to drop back if you have any more questions.


Rolf 8 months ago

Hi Neil.

Is this really a true MLM with comissions downline to some levels or is it just another internetmarketing course (although a very good one as i can see . Which is the comissionsystem.Binary or the the multi one.My Labtop has a fault so questionmarks etc.are missing... Is it a system you can applicate on a MLM business you can choose yourself or is it preformed for certain businesses.

Neil Ashworth 8 months ago

Hi Rolf.

No, CCPro is not an MLM. Far from it in fact.

The basis of what CCPro have available to you is an education platform - you pay a monthly membership fee for your ongoing education and there is a start up fee.

You have two options;

1. Free student membership plan - this is a complete education programme and nothing is omitted and costs around $30 per month after your first month, which is free.

2. The PRO membership plan - this is the exact same education system but (and this is relevent if you want to earn an additional income stream or streams from CCPro). this option allows you to refer/recommend the CCPro education system and earn an initial and ongoing referral commission - this is not multi level - it's a front end commission and recurring monthly. Your monthly costs are higher and this is to cover admin costs and back office set up of your marketing system.

Either option will teach you what you need to know to build any business online - MLM, affiliate programme, small business model - whatever business you want to build you need to know how to use the internet and that's what we teach.

After that, it's your choice if you chose to work through your own business model or go with the one your sponsor/mentor is working with.

Hope this help but let me know if you have any more questions - even without the question marks!

Gery 8 months ago

After reading everything - including all the comments - I still have no idea what "Products" are being marketed by this interent business and where the leads or clients come from.

If the purpose of this program is to get me to sell something ( I'd really like this question to be answered in a straight forward manner )to everyone on my e-mail list -- that's not going to work - I have a very short list.

Neil Ashworth 8 months ago


Carboncopypro is an internet marketing education system. It will teach you how to market any business or product online (might even teach you how to build a bigger list, who knows?)..


averagemom 7 months ago

So, how much money have you made so far? How big is your downline? is this a plug and play marketing program as well. I noticed you mentioned something about helping you with building any business online MLM etc. Can you really be able to build your own list?

how long did it take you to generate your own leads for your own business? I would like to use this with my MLM biz and looking for something to help me leverage the masses on the internet to generate traffic, help me with the sales funnel and landing pages.

does this product have these capabilities?

alief 7 months ago

hi neil,, what i had in mind is, how about the member outside the USA ? i already interested in ccpro, but i lived in indonesia, so how do i get the education and the DVD?

Neil Ashworth 6 months ago


carbon copy pro review::Carboncopypro is available to members in over 170 countries right now. The education system is accessed online from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Sannya 5 months ago

Hi Neil!

Thank you for detailed informations about Carbon Copy Pro. I have read many of your articles and answers to people and it helped me in making my decision to join.

In one of your answers you mentioned that there are people who do not manage to make money with Carbon Copy Pro. Could you tell me what may be the reasons for that?

Neil Ashworth 5 months ago


There are many reasons why people fail and also why others are successful in business, whether that's online or off and this is no different with CCPro.

Most small businesses fail through lack of cashflow, so if you are intending to start a business online think about where you are today, where you want to be in 6, 12 and 24 months in terms of income and set yourself realistic targets in terms of sales in order to get there. Then look at how you are going to make those sales; develop a marketing plan to generate leads at the volume you require and the cost you can afford and build your income gradually to reach your income goals; re-investing your earnings when they come back into advertising at a sustainable rate.

There are different investment levels when starting out with carboncopypro and it's important to invest at the right level for you (and not necessarily the right level for your sponsor, or the person whose team you join). If you fail to make the right decision here you could leave yourself without adequate funds to invest in advertising and will see your business struggle to move forward.

Get this part right and your business will grow and meet your targets Sannya.


Jo 5 months ago

Hi Neil

I signed up a couple of weeks ago to the student level within the Pro system without even thinking to check out thru searches if it was a 'scam' or legit! (Fast action, slow to have my mind changed from it!!) I can honestly say that the things available for me to check out in that there 'back office' has been more than worth the £20 or so 'investment' I've initially made. The contact from my business coach within the CCPro marketing system has been great!

All in all - so far anyway - I can truly say I'm impressed. AND... as far as 'scam' is concerned - I don't think soo :-)

I'm in the UK BTW and my sponsor is US, again, via links on skype he is accessible for a chat or to post questions to if I need. Although I find it best to ask few questions til you've had a good look around and viewed what is actually there for you to read and listen to. Its so compelling!! I get into it every day (Making the most of my free months trial!!)

However, because the marketing events etc are all in the US it does prove difficult (with my current financial structure anyway) to attend these type of things and I know there are none as such set to occur in UK. This I do find sad as we rookies who are only just starting out on this whole internet marketing thing are missing out big time! My thoughts were... Have you ever thought of the possibilities of running such an event here in UK yourself? Or maybe alongside other UK based CCPro members? Do you think this is a good idea? Is there anything like this already in existence?

As you can probably tell, I'm a total novice at internet marketing BUT so wanting to learn as I need to do this for the benefit of my future. I feel lucky in that I was introduced to CCPro and have found it to be such a good and honest educational platform so far. Shall I go further? hmmmm.... watch out.... somewhere in cyber space I may be looming one day!!!!

Thank you Neil, for your awaited comments! :-)

Neil Ashworth 5 months ago


Glad to see you're making the most of the education in this carbon copy pro review.

I agree, the system in terms of value for me is pretty hard to beat, certainly for someone coming online for the first time - in time you'll want to focus in on one area and develop a more advanced knowledge to help you build your business online but for now stick with what is available and work your way through the training modules in your back office.

The UK will host a CCPro conference in September 2010, so they are looking at taking the training across to UK based marketers but the question around webinars and time zones is a valid one.

I do run team trainings for my own team and this tends to work for most time zones as I start them mid day (Irish time) so US members can jump onboard early morning and members from Australia can join late evening for themselves. You might want to ask your own mentor what plans they have in terms of team trainings as this can be a real help.

Keep focused!

Chris 5 months ago


I've read all your reviews of carboncopypro and want to thank you for your honesty - nobody else offers this amount of info on this business that I can find and I've looked.

Is it better to work with someone like you if I decide to join or can I start with anyone?

I would like to be able to contact you if I have questions and I want to know I'm working with someone who is straight forward and will tell me where to go and what to do.

Your advise would be appreciated.

Neil Ashworth 5 months ago


You should choose to join with whoever you believe will help you in developing and implementing your marketing plan. My area of expertise is in using free and low cost traffic tools and strategies; other marketers in CCPro favour Google Adwords (pay per click) so apart from the relationship you have with your mentor it's important to know what they can offer you in terms of knowledge and support to develop the education you'll receive from CCPro.

You can contact me directly or join my team by going through one of the links to carboncopypro sign up on this page.

Dumbledore 2 months ago

I appreciate your honesty.

Neil Ashworth 2 months ago

You're welcome Dumbledore

Divine 2 months ago

I've read and read and I am still reading. I've checked everything out from Google to BBB and I like what I have seen. I've been wanting to get into the internet business that I've been dreaming about it for so long. Time to stop dreaming and make it happen!!! I need HELP!!! I have no idea how to start and once I start, what do I do? I believe the smart and right thing to do is to decide what business I want run and go from there...right?

If there is any advice at all that you may have for me please let me know... I am a REAL BEGINNER!! Thank you for your time.

Neil Ashworth 2 months ago


You can get started by going to:

My advice would be to test the water and see if it's to your liking - after that you can start to build your business and income online.


Ashraf Rayman 7 weeks ago

WOW Neil!! Amazing carbon copy pro review! really lays out CCpro and Wealth Masters for what it is.. I have been with Carbon Copy WMI for over a year now and it really is an amazing opportunity available online and after all this time is STILL my backbone, i have alot of love for my fellow team members and community because they all showed me a different way of interpreting value and true wealth and most importantly HAPPINESS. Thats why its my backbone and i feel the need to excel and be a top 5 earner ;)

Thank you for sharing this amazing post and the genuine side is what we teach and that really reflects in this post...



Neil Ashworth 7 weeks ago

Thanks Ash - are you going to Vegas next week for the convention? If so, look me up.. ;-)

jgthomas 5 weeks ago

Hi Neil,

I really appreciate all of the informative information you have provided. I'm interested in becoming a member of your team. I live in Chicago, IL, but I know there is a time zone difference. I'm central standard and I'm looking for a great sponsor & mentor. Please let me know or perhaps you know of a great sponsor here in the USA.


Neil Ashworth 5 weeks ago


Get in touch with me directly and I'll give you a couple of options to consider from there.


JIM G 4 weeks ago

Hello Mr Ashworth

Rewarding to believe there is still a honest person out here in cyber-land with integrity in a world becoming so corrupt in business.

1) I do not have a product to sell, does CCPro offer any? (I'm sure I'm not alone.)

2) My relative not living with me is from South America. Her English is slow. Is there a Spanish course? She'd like to get involved.

3) What is the monthly tuition (not the student) for the course?

4) If I purchase the 'student membership' how am I eligible for it and what is excluded and included?

If all this is too much to answer I completely understand, so forgive me, I am a novice at this, however, at 58 yrs of age I believe I will succeed at anything I endeavor that serves man and woman kind providing I have the proper tools. I've been studying Internet marketing for a good year and a half, yet I still feel like I am repairing a Mercedes-Benz with only a screwdriver and pliers.

Your help to all of us are God sent whether you believe it or not.

[your honesty, straightforwardness, truthfulness and integrity].

Thanx again, Jim G

Neil Ashworth 4 weeks ago

Jim - Thanks for the comment. I sent a response to your questions by email.

josh 3 weeks ago

Mr. Ashworth, I'm currently a full time student and i feel that i would have enough time to invest in the program to begin to build a foundation for success but am worried about how much money i would need to "keep at it" after the initial 395. the desire is there i'm just not certain about the resources. Any heads up on what to expect would be appreciated.

Neil Ashworth 3 weeks ago


Get in touch directly if you haven't already done so - click the link above to contact me.



 carbon copy pro review::Carbon Copy Pro Scam? The Truth About the (Fully Automated System)...

CARBON COPY PRO? IS IT A SCAM??? YOU WANT THE TRUTH??? READ ON...LET A CARBON COPY PRO TOP EARNER TELL IT TO YOU STRAIGHT. THE TRUTH REVEALED! CARBON COPY PRO? It doesn't matter to me if you are involved in Carbon Copy PRO or not. Yes, I am a top earner (1 of the top 5 money earners) in Carbon Copy PRO, but I am not here to recruit you! I am here to help you and that's it...can you make money with Carbon Copy PRO? Absolutely...can you make money with other businesses and systems...yes you can! However, you need to know a few things first that the top earners use to DOMINATE and CRUSH the competition! Thats what I'm offering. I am going to show YOU how the top earners can join ANY company and generate $10000+ per month within 3 months. This isn't by chance! I can show you how we do it. If you're looking for a business, there's certainly reasons why I chose Carbon Copy PRO to build and why countless other top earners chose to work directly with Carbon Copy PRO as opposed to any other business out there (including Jay Kubassek, Mike Dillard, Andrew Cass, Aaron Parkinson, Mark Worthen and the list goes on and on). The most seasoned veterans and top earners across the board CHOOSE CARBON COPY PRO...WHY? If you want to learn more about Carbon Copy PRO and are looking for another serious income vehicle head on over to: If you love what you do, you already have a business you're passionate about, and you're ... From: rmedlin2 Views: 4414 4 ratings Time: 03:23 More in Howto & Style - 23 months ago


carbon copy pro review::Carbon Copy Pro Scam?: Carbon Copy Pro Revealed - Introduction...

CARBON COPY PRO Scam? IS IT A SCAM??? YOU WANT THE TRUTH??? READ ON...LET A CARBON COPY PRO TOP EARNER TELL IT TO YOU STRAIGHT. THE TRUTH REVEALED! CARBON COPY PRO? It doesn't matter to me if you are involved in Carbon Copy PRO or not. Yes, I am a top earner (1 of the top 5 money earners) in Carbon Copy PRO, but I am not here to recruit you! I am here to help you and that's it...can you make money with Carbon Copy PRO? Absolutely...can you make money with other businesses and systems...yes you can! However, you need to know a few things first that the top earners use to DOMINATE and CRUSH the competition! Thats what I'm offering. I am going to show YOU how the top earners can join ANY company and generate $10000+ per month within 3 months. This isn't by chance! I can show you how we do it. If you're looking for a business, there's certainly reasons why I chose Carbon Copy PRO to build and why countless other top earners chose to work directly with Carbon Copy PRO as opposed to any other business out there (including Jay Kubassek, Mike Dillard, Andrew Cass, Aaron Parkinson, Mark Worthen and the list goes on and on). The most seasoned veterans and top earners across the board CHOOSE CARBON COPY PRO...WHY? If you want to learn more about Carbon Copy PRO and are looking for another serious income vehicle head on over to: If you love what you do, you already have a business you're passionate about, and



2014-08-13 04:07:02   cashhere online  cashhere

carbon copy pro review::CCPro Review

carbon copy pro review::CCPro Review

CCPro Review

CarbonCopyPRO was Jay Kubassek, one of the leading earner in direct sales company, the # 1 request has been created to support real to teach, and how accurately He climbed to the top of this market. From a silencer broke Mineke seller a top earner, his first $ 100K of the month in which market made in only his 10th Month.

CarbonCopyPRO was developed could provide entrepreneurs do just that … "Carbon Copy" Jay's results, and there is a leading production and manufacturing of ATM profit to those who roll up their sleeves and really get to work!

Jay's system has grown slightly and He has another major earner in Network Marketing and advertising Mr. Aaron Parkinson, a fellow, an absolute powerhouse and who do not take no crap from nobody! (This Guy was a cage fighter)

These guys are the leaders … they are tough … and they are very innovative and their system, CarbonCopyPRO, will certainly lead the way in network marketing. They have renamed themselves, and they come with a new Inside Out II DVD, which as an "Application Kit" when you fill a $ 50.00 sent the application to learn more about CarbonCopyPRO, and they just completely revamped their new product feature, the "Business-In-A-Box" in the retail to $ 397.00

They also added a "wiki" component to their back-office, its first "wikipedia" component of the species is in the Network marketing and advertising industry, and demand the whole package "CarbonCopyPRO 3.0".

CarbonCopyPRO is the front-end marketing and advertising for a company Arm called Wealth Masters International, a company in financial education. Wealth Masters' item line is simple (there are only three) … A top-tier direct product sales, there is, is an adviser to access the best financial minds and alliances that will correct structure for this industry, tax professionals, financial professionals debts, anything and everything. It is a complete cleaning of the house and your finances, it is necessary in these days if you are seriously interested in wealth. EDUCATION is the focus.

Your Back-end products is where it exciting … them the best of the best investments Minds & financial thinkers of our time to bring in a large room for 3 & 5 day courses, where WMI consultants are given the opportunity, a part of all sorts of elite private placements, IPO's, real estate offers it all! This is where the ultra-rich their money, and as a WMI consultant, you learn a part of this elite, ultra-rich inner circle that are otherwise hidden from the public.

Google "Kip Herriage" … the guy was the youngest of VP Oppenheimer at the age of 28 … This would be the mastermind behind WMI, and probably the most brilliant financial mind at all, which his back is concerned in his personal investment in his Newsletter Newsletter places the top 1% based on returns over the world.

The WMI products: M1, M2, M3 and, and they range from $ 1,995 to $ 12,995. (Want to move big ticket items for big players, the time to fast).

CarbonCopyPRO teaches WMI Consultant, how does the CarbonCopyPRO WMI targeted generation

CarbonCopyPRO has a phenomenal platform training and lead generation funnel that people through an application process that weeds out of the BES want. A lead is an application form to fill in to the information about CarbonCopyPRO and Wealth Masters International. This is their "front-end funded proposal" …. This allows the CCP and WMI consultants up-front cash and make commissions from the people not the one in the business. It is important for new marketers to Make Money during the first 30 days, so that they dont give up!

The BiB (Business in a Box) the next step must be purchased and if you plan to use the CarbonCopyPRO powerful advertising program to the Wealth Masters product line are the market. The Business in a Box is a complete, comprehensive, step-by-step tangible product that is brought to your home to teach you the business of Internet marketing. 100% Education and to steal $ 397th

Then on the M1, M2, M3, (the WMI Merchandise Line), all of which are completely optional. Big money is in the M2 and M3 levels where Contracts range from $ 5,000 – $ 7,500 and can add up quickly.

With CarbonCopyPRO and Wealth Masters International, as with any organization, it is a numbers game … the one who makes the largest number thread through their CarbonCopyPRO system the most money.

Carbon Copy Pro will teach you how to run through the funnel their process, filling converts incredibly high compared to other MLM companies network marketing "system" that lead an application for an "Application Kit" in the mail if you applications, a call center calls your candidate generate returns on your behalf to close it. You get access to a thorough overview of the business, then they will either move forward or not.

This is one of the few companies that's still turning a profit in today's economy, and they are still growing rapidly.

If you success with Jay's method Kubassek CarbonCopyPRO want to have, will you will have to grow a leader who keeps his tremendous amount of value, and you will stigmatize oneself. Brand yourself as a leader … figure out the marketing and Advertising information for 100 + generate leads per day … can provide value to society … Building Relationships … guide & teach others what you have learned … have a lot of fun and grow as an incredibly rich, while doing it.


About the Author

I am an Internet marketing trainer teaching network marketers the strategies used by the most successful online marketers today. I am co-creator of the industry’s top Online Attraction Marketing System, MLMLeadSystemPRO and a top producer in the industry.

I  simplify Internet marketing into a step-by-step blueprint that newbies can follow and have helped hundreds of struggling marketers successfully grow their businesses online.

2014-08-13 04:07:02   cashhere online  cashhere

carbon copy pro review::You Decide ... an assortment of videos about carboncopypro:you decide

carbon copy pro review::The good, the bad, the un=gly, the truth as advanced by 10 individuals with live you tube videos about carbon copy pro.
carbon   copy   pro   carboncopypro   mike dillard   jaykubassek   keithcarey   jake hyten Jay & Aaron explain what carbon copy pro is about. Not a get Rich quick scam, MLM, Network Marketing. It provides education for average person to create wealth online

Jay Kubassek
"Jay Kubassek "
Aaron Parkinson
"Aaron Parkinson"
Carbon Copy Pro
"Carbon Copy Pro"
CC pro How i lost all my info on carbon copy pro, when both my computers crashed and one hard drive was reduced"toast"But,it would take a lot more than that for me to give up such a money spinning income opportunity Marketing At Home,with No Marketing Experience Required-All This with Full Training into the Bargain!. - Bad news! Read this and you'll no longer have an excuse for not making money. So what the heck! Make your dreams come true....Check out this CarbonCopyPRO review..
Internet scams continue to abound on the Internet, and in this appearance on MSNBC, David Lawrence warns viewers about scams, being scammed, avoiding scams, protecting yourself against scams and scammers. Hackers, social engineering, brute force attacks, phishing, pharming and more are covered here. Brian Magnosi shares a frank review about Wealth Masters International and how it works together with Carbon Copy Pro. If you are looking to make at least $250K your first year online, then WMI and CCPRO are a perfect combination.

Wealth Masters International was created back in 2004 by Karl Bessey and Kip Herriage. WMI is based out of Sugarland, TX (Houston suburbs), and focuses on financial education and wealth creation. Wealth Masters is a top tier direct sales company with 3 primary products, beginning with he M1, which is a physical product shipped directly to your door. The M1 pays a nice $1K commission and comes with over a dozen CD's and DVD's. The M1 combines education in the areas of health, mindset, and financial education (includes training in the areas of tax and estate planning, living wills, trusts, incorporation strategies, personal debt reduction and more!).

The M2 is a 3 day wealth creation and education conference that will blow your mind open wide. The M2 is something that I have attended and would have paid over$20K for alone (I didn't, but I would have anyway!). There are private investment opportunities as well as a multitude of millionaire and billionaire speakers who all share their personal experiences on wealth creation.

The M3 is a 5-day, 5 star wealth creation conference held internationally each year. Not only do people get access to the private investment opportunities of the M3, but also access to the Vertical Research Letter personally written by mega Wall Street investor and Wealth Masters co-founder Kip Herriage. Kip has consistently averaged over 100% ROI on his personal investment portfolio in the past 5 years, and even averaged 186% ROI on last year's investments. Kip makes his personal wealth creation strategies known only to those people who either purchase the VRA, or get free access as an M3 consultant with WMI. and carbon copy pro review

Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth masters have formed a strong partnership. With CCPRO being the automated front-end marketing system for WMI, sales have really exploded. Carbon Copy Pro was founded by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson in 2007 primarily to promote Wealth masters International while providing an automated plug and play marketing system that even rank beginners could plug into and find success.

If you are seriously looking to gain solid financial education, start an online business, and make at least $100K this year, then click on the link and get in touch with me. As your coach and sponsor with WMI and Carbon Copy Pro, I will guide you to six-figure success your first year. The truth about Carbon Copy Pro with the pros and cons of owning your own carbon copy pro business. Founder Jay Kubassek partnered with Wealth Masters International for the fantastic product line and CCPro provides the ultimate marketing system.
Ron Medlin



It doesn't matter to me if you are involved in Carbon Copy PRO or not. Yes, I am a top earner (1 of the top 5 money earners) in Carbon Copy PRO, but I am not here to recruit you!

I am here to help you and that's it...can you make money with Carbon Copy PRO? Absolutely...can you make money with other businesses and systems...yes you can!

However, you need to know a few things first that the top earners use to DOMINATE and CRUSH the competition!

Thats what I'm offering. I am going to show YOU how the top earners can join ANY company and generate $10,000+ per month within 3 months. This isn't by chance! I can show you how we do it.

If you're looking for a business, there's certainly reasons why I chose Carbon Copy PRO to build and why countless other top earners chose to work directly with Carbon Copy PRO as opposed to any other business out there (including Jay Kubassek, Mike Dillard, Andrew Cass, Aaron Parkinson, Mark Worthen and the list goes on and on).

The most seasoned veterans and top earners across the board CHOOSE CARBON COPY PRO...WHY?

If you want to learn more about Carbon Copy PRO and are looking for another serious income vehicle head on over to:

If you love what you do, you already have a business you're passionate about, and you're looking to take YOUR business to the next level, then great! Thats what I'm all about and I can show you how!

Dr. Mark Worthen's Carbon Copy Pro Blog
Dr. Mark Worthen's Carbon Copy Pro Blog chronicles his success using the CarbonCopyPRO Automated Marketing System. Includes regularly updated statistics ...

DO NOT JOIN Carbon Copy Pro Before Reading!
Hello my name is Keith Carey and my business partner Jake Hyten and I are going to give you the cold hard facts about carboncopypro.

Carbon Copy Pro -The Inside Scoop.....
Carbon Copy Pro Marketing System** is the brain-child of Jay Kubassek, Mike Dillard and Aaron Parkinson -- all top internet marketers.

A Review of Carbon Copy Pro
Feb 18, 2008 ... A Review of Carbon Copy Pro. ... Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that was founded by a man named Jay Kubassek. ...

Carbon Copy Pro Revealed + The Scary Truth ...
For More information call
YouTube - The Carbon Copy Pro SCAM! The Truth, the Lies, the Review!
Apr 11, 2008 ...

So, you are researching Carbon Copy Pro to find out if it's a scam, a lie, or an actual legitimate ...

Network Marketing Solutions For Winners: Is Carbon Copy Pro A Scam?
If you're reading this entry, chances are you've heard about Carbon Copy Pro and have been searching for more information about it. You want to know, ...

Carbon Copy Pro (1)
Jan 1, 2008 ... Hey everyone, Do you have any experience with Carbon Copy Pro? It sa funded proposal system designed by Jay Kubassek for a high ticket ...

Carbon Copy Pro | Discussing the validity of the Carbon Copy Pro ...
Mar 17, 2008 ... A powerful review one should read before joining the Carbon Copy Pro | Jay Kubassek home business opportunity., , , , , , It has been drawn ...

Private Access. Qualified Applicants Only Beyond This Point. Please enter the email address that you submitted in your CarbonCopyPRO Application to enter ...

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Shaklee Corporation





OHANA Health & Wellness Company



Fuller Brush

Latasia Jewelry


Vorwerk USA



Epicure Selections

Body Shop at Home

Passion Parties

ACTIS Global Ventures


Conklin Company

Once Upon A Family


Herbalife International


reverse funnel
reverse funnel system
jay kubassek

2014-08-13 04:07:02   cashhere online  cashhere

carbon copy pro review::What Is CarbonCopyPRO?

carbon copy pro review::Jay Kubasek, CEO and co-founder of carboncopypro pitches the CCP system and fails to reveal that it is simply a back end internet brochure. It can not generate traffic on it's own like jmap ayt

What Is CarbonCopyPRO?



 “What is Carbon Copy Pro?”


Simply put, Carbon Copy Pro is the fastest growing and most appreciated internet marketing system of the moment and has a huge community around it.

Right now, it has members all over the world in 179 countries and the Carbon Copy Pro business model is presented in 42 languages.

How Did Carbon Copy Pro Become So Successful?

Carbon Copy Pro takes advantage of the most valuable commodity right now – the Internet. It leverages the internet to reach millions and millions of people, which are connected to the Internet and are interested in starting a home based business.

It’s so easy for everyone to start an online home business right now, with much smaller budget and costs than a brick-and-mortar business. In fact, this is where most people are looking to start a business right now – on the Internet.

Carbon Copy Pro can help all these millions of people to have an easy start and be profitable right away. It is providing anyone who is truly interested in starting an online business with all the training, support and tools they need to start their online business and help them become successful.

When you are given everything you need on a silver plateau, and be able to go from zero to a very healthy online income, is there any wonder why Carbon Copy Pro has become so appreciated in the internet marketing world and why it’s so successful?

So How Does the Carbon Copy Pro System Work?

As I was saying the Carbon Copy Pro system contains 3 strategic areas in which it can help you start a successful business online. So let’s talk about each one at a time.


You will get all the tools you need to market your online business without you having to create anything for it. That means:

  • free websites and landing pages where you can refer people to
  • free content for those websites to make your website visitors realize what a huge opportunity is standing before them
  • free ads that you can use to draw visitors to your websites

So you get everything you need to start from day one, you don’t waste any time or money trying to put all these together by yourself. Most people are not designers, nor copywriters, so they don’t need to worry about all this stuff when they start.


The Carbon Copy Pro company wants to make sure you understand everything there is to know about this business, so it gives you all the information in an easy to follow way, in both text and video formats.

Here’s what you will be getting:

  • access to a huge video library
  • marketing plans for different levels of experience and budgets
  • weekly educational webinars
  • daily entrepreneurial mindset training
  • Live Master Marketing live events
  • Business leadership programs.

Basically, you get all the goodies that can transform even the least entrepreneurial and least business-savvy person into a successful businessman or businesswoman – if you are willing to work for it and study them all.




Even with all the information at your finger tips, sometimes you might still hit a dead end or you might feel lost. This is how the support team will come to assist you and make your education a smooth process.:

  • You will be able to contact Carbon Copy Pro company by e-mail, live chat and phone
  • You benefit from professional outsourcing and virtual assistant services
  • You get access to a personal marketing mentor to guide you through

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy. However, before even thinking of joining the Carbon Copy Pro’s global community, you should ask yourself this question: “Am I ready to work hard for a bright future?”.

Of course, everyone dreams about having a big house, a nice car and to be able to afford pretty much anything when they want it. But what most of them actually want is to win the lottery. They are not willing to put the hard work that all wealthy people have put into their dreams.

So, if you just want to win the lottery, sort of speak, then I recommend you turn back, because this business is probably not for you. If you want to make this work, you need determination, passion and hard work and if you think you can do this then go ahead and get started with the $39 value application kit below, which has recently become FREE.

Get your application kit right now!




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carbon copy pro review::More video's of carbon copy prousers ... victims

[keyword};;having attended a Carbon Copy Pro Event I can assure you that less than 5% of the PRo members actually make money. Most of these folks are talking about the POTENTIAL of carbon copy pro and carbon copy pro review
Carbon Copy Pro
Carbon Copy Pro (CCPRO) Truthful review of Carbon Copy Pro. Why Some People make $0 and some make $250,000   more...
Views: 639
From: ccprolifestyle
Hit Votes
Brandon K. Hilton & CarbonCopyPRO
We only want to work with serious people who honestly   more...
Views: 24
From: BrandonKHilton
Hit Votes
My Video Marketing Campaign - Day 1
We only want to work with serious people who honestly   more...
Views: 10
From: BrandonKHilton
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Carbon Copy Pro - Is Carbon Copy Pro a Scam? Watch this video before you join Carbon Copy Pro. Sue Parker gives   more...
Views: 37
From: milliondollarsuccess
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Carbon Copy Pro Review. Can You Really Make Money With Carbon Copy Pro Learn the truth about Carbon Copy Pro. Will Carbon Copy Pro Make   more...
Views: 384
From: jpichora
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Carbon Copy Pro Review. Can You Really Make Money With Carbon Copy Pro Learn the truth about Carbon Copy Pro. Will Carbon Copy Pro Make   more...
Views: 384
From: jpichora
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Carbon Copy Pro Review - Is Carbon Copy Pro a Scam? Tons of words have been said about Carbon Copy Pro. Is it a scam? Tons   more...
Views: 115
From: NewAgeMarketers
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James Spains 10 FAQ's From His Applicants #1-What is Carbon Copy Pro?,What is Carbon Copy Pro? What is it that makes Carbon Copy   more...
Views: 7
From: jamy42
Hit Votes

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carbon copy pro review::Another Carbon Copy Pro Business Review

carbon copy pro review::Carbon Copy Pro Business started off in the year 2007 with the active assistance of Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. The business was launched with the aim of providing an educational tool coupled with the incentive to earn.

In the ever growing market of prospective home based business, Carbon Copy Pro Business started off in the year 2007 with the active assistance of Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. The business was launched with the aim of providing an educational tool coupled with the incentive to earn. The business would also serve as a marketing community for the entrepreneurs who are soon going to enter the business domain. The motto behind Carbon Copy Pro Business was to provide a helping hand to the new businessmen in the market to maximize profit in the shortest possible time. The respective company was launched to promote the well known financial education company, Wealth Masters International.

The procedure to get started

The website of a Carbon Copy Pro Business member will be the most potent medium to get specific and relevant details about the kind of business the company indulges in. Then you can get started by signing in to the website to know more. Once you sign in, you need to submit an application online with the required fee of $49 not inclusive of the shipping fee. The shipping fee is charged for delivering the required DVDs and workbook of Jay Kubassek.

For having the business in a box (BIB), you have to shell out around $500. Three DVDs are provided to you along with two manuals which guide you to build a mental framework that would serve the purpose of business. The way you should invite traffic to your website will be well elucidated in the manuals. You are required to pay a membership fee also.

The additional baggage

Since Carbon Copy Pro Business is an effective marketing tool to indulge in the promotional activities of Wealth Masters International, you will have to join any one of the packages from the three packages offered.

Carbon Copy Pro Business is a business with a difference

Carbon Copy Pro Business is a well equipped marketing platform. There are literally no physical products that you need to buy. The products that the business boasts are a range of varied marketing and financial educational products which are aimed to make people learn. The topics that are dealt with mainly enrich a person's knowledge to strengthen and monitor his financial health. People are made aware of how to deal with debt management programs, how to act sanely if they at all take the help of debt consolidation companies to keep a tab on their finances. They are imparted the knowledge of how to protect their financial assets.

The compensation plan

Carbon Copy Pro Business does not provide for multifarious business opportunities. The compensation plan is similarly designed like the ones prevalent in the real estate industry. Here your sale counts accompanied with the sale that your team member makes. A person has to put in the maximum effort to prosper in his business. However, the sale made by the member of his team will help in earning commission. Only if you consider this business will be productive for you, at your own discretion be a part of Carbon Copy Pro Business.


Tim Bonderud is a top internet marketer and mentor working with people around the world helping them create success in their lives leveraging the power of the internet. To learn more about Tim Bonderud as well as to read reviews similar to Carbon Copy Pro Business visit Tim's Top Home Business Review's Site at

Article Source:

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carbon copy pro review::Carbon Copy Pro Marketing Review

[keuword]::Carbon Copy Pro Marketing Review::Dave Dauber AKA Your Cash Flow Professor has done a thorough investigation into the Carbon Copy Pro Marketing System and reports as follows.

Dave Dauber AKA Your Cash Flow Professor has done a thorough investigation into the Carbon Copy Pro Marketing System and reports as follows. Carbon Copy Pro started as a system platform consisting of websites, training modules and a full blown community designed to teach people how to market affiliate programs and financial programs. Over the past few years it has evolved into a learning platform that will teach anyone how to market anything to anybody. The platform consists of learning modules that walk the novice or experienced Internet Marketer through step by step action plans to gain maximum exposure on the Internet. The learning process contains video tutorials with experts in the field teaching and explaining every step. These pre-recorded tutorials are then followed up weekly with live interactive webinars with top marketers in carbon copy pro review with a "look over my shoulder" type of format.

As a member of the community you are provided with a done for you system carbon copy pro review and assigned a personal coach that is available to you 10 hours a day. These coaches are successful internet marketers in their own right and are masters of every type of online internet marketing tactic you can think of.

To get access to this community you need to process what they call an Application Kit that ships to you a DVD and workbook which includes some major marketing secrets discovered through much trial and tribulation by the very talented owners of Carbon Copy Pro Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. In the very informative DVD and workbook 10 top secrets of the gurus are all laid out and the exact system used to generate leads, prospects and customers is fully explained. Hence the name Carbon Copy The Pros.

Not only that, once your application is accepted your going to get a special audio from Jeffrey Combs. I think Jeffrey is the first guy that made over a million dollars from home in this industry and speaks internationally on personal development.

If you would like to get more information about this done for you Internet and Business Online educational platform check out the professors resource box below.


Learn all Your Cash Flow Professor's secrets of how to instantly set-up a seamless marketing system to generate all the free leads you need for your Internet Online Business using the Carbon Copy Pro educational and done for you instant platform. Visit with the Professor to learn the best and easiest methods to get your Internet Marketing system up and running in 24 hours or less.

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carbon copy pro review::Carbon Copy Pro Review - Is CarbonCopyPro A Scam?

carbon copy pro review:: Is Carbon Copy Pro Real? Is it a real traffic creating system or something else? Thsi article takes a look?

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carbon copy pro review Review – Is carbon copy pro review A Scam?

If you have been looking for network marketing companies for a while, then you must have come across carbon copy pro review at some point, and you must have seen those Google ads with headlines such as “Carbon Copy Pro Scam” or “Do NOT Join carbon copy pro review ”. These are the type of things you CANNOT avoid while doing research on business opportunities. So, if you are researching this company, then you have to read this article. I’m going to try and give you prospective as to whether this opportunity is the right one for you.

carbon copy pro review was started in 2007, and it was created by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. They both wanted to get themselves out of the corporate corruption and stop living paycheck to paycheck. They are both top producers in the network marketing industry earning millions of dollars from their homes. The idea behind carbon copy pro review was to overcome the marketing learning curve, and help newbie marketers earn money as quickly as possible.

carbon copy pro review  Business Model

carbon copy pro review  or CCPRO as it is sometimes called IS a multi-level marketing company. You only have two levels, the first level is your own sales, and the second level is the sales that your team members make. The compensation plan is the same as the ones’ used in the real estate industry. The person receives commissions each time a member of his team makes a sale, but the the most money is made by the persons’ individual efforts. carbon copy pro review is NOT actually a business opportunity, there are no physical products that you buy,  it is a marketing education platform. The products behind this company are a series of marketing and financial education products to help educate people in topics such as asset protection increasing cash-flow and debt management etc..

What Is The Start-Up Cost for carbon copy pro review?

* $49 for the application, this is supposed to sort out the serious entrepreneurs from the “tire-kickers”

* $395 for the “BiB” (Business In A Box) * $49 for your websites and other features, and also an additional monthly fee of $149.

* $149 per year Consulting fee, but this is optional.

You must have $300 or more every month to advertise your business. Remember you are the one who has to market the business, Carbon Copy Pro will not market your business for you.

Because carbon copy pro review is a marketing system for WMI (Wealth Masters International) you will also have to join one of the following packages;

M1 – $1,995 Wealth Masters Program sold by carbon copy pro review

M1 – $8,495 Wealth Conference sold by carbon copy pro review

M3 – $19,995 Lifestyle Experience So you would be looking at around $2,500 start-up cost.  sold by carbon copy pro review


carbon copy pro review is a great program with an awesome marketing system. If you are already involved with CarbonCopyPro,

I definitely encourage you to stay with them and not switch to an MLM company until you have mastered carbon copy pro review. Continue your business and aim to be successful with it. sold by carbon copy pro review

At the end of the day, the only person who can decide if carbon copy pro review is the right opportunity is YOU.


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carbon copy pro review::Serious Entrepreneurs Wanted

carbon copy pro review::Top Internet Marketing Industry Earner Reveals The SINGLE Online Business Model That Helped Him Achieve Success Even During A Recessed Economy

Top Internet Marketing Industry Earner Reveals

The SINGLE Online Business Model That Helped

Him Achieve Success Even During

A Recessed Economy…

See How You Can Write Your Ticket For Life With Your Current Online Business Or With A New And Lucrative One. ONLY Serious Entrepreneurs Are Encouraged To Seek This Type Of Mentoring.

Read My Story And Learn About This New Business Model…


I am just an ordinary guy who made a decision in December of 2007 that changed the course of my life forever.

Although I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole adult life, I’ve only been in the direct sales industry for less than 3 years… and if I’d stayed in the MLM that I started with, I’d be broke and sorry that I’d ever gotten involved in Internet marketing.  I thought. “What have I gotten myself into?”


Here’s how it all began: Although my passion was music, and all I wanted to do was be a professional jazz trumpet player, I ended up getting a business degree and a closet full of suits.

I began as an investment broker. I was hooked on the rush, worked hard, and was very successful.

After 8 years, I decided to start my own business and owned a thriving mortgage company in Pittsburgh for approximately 16 years…and quite frankly I was thoroughly enjoying my job and all the perks that came with it.

Then…life happened. As most of you are aware, a few years ago the real estate industry as a whole took a huge downturn… and to no surprise, so did my business.

My original plan was to look for ways to supplement my income on a part-time basis and still be able to operate my mortgage company. After looking at more opportunities than I care to remember (like many of you have) I joined an MLM company, but it was VERY old school.

WMI's Karl Bessey

I did everything my upline told me…you know, made a list of 100 friends… worked the phones for countless hours…made my pitch to anything with a pulse… chased down everyone including the postman to join my business.

Things were getting really bad. Credit card bills were piling up, and I honestly didn’t know how long I could keep this going.

One day I stumbled across a website. It talked about this guy who was making $1,000 a day from home doing some online thing. I filled out a form on his website and waited 3 days for him to call me back. When he called me I told him my goal was to make $50K a MONTH, just joking around. He said, “Sure, I can show you how to do that.”

“YA RIGHT!” I laughed. No way could somebody my age completely change careers and make that kind of money. But there it was…guys like me were making executive and CEO incomes online!

I got started with him immediately. I studied everything I could find on marketing, sacrificed hobbies, sleep, new “stuff,” you name it…essentially earned a “Harvard” degree in SEO, pay per click, copywriting. And oh yeah, made mistakes – lots of them! But quitting was never an option!

I never looked back.To make a long story short, I figured out for the first time in my life that I could actually make a ton of money and not work 50 hours a week.


When I finally changed my mindset, that’s when things really started to happen. I had to learn to think like a successful entrepreneur.

Mentors taught me EXACTLY what they were doing to make millions of dollars per year online…. How they were attracting 100+ leads per day to their businesses…. How they were building their MLM empires effortlessly… and it had NOTHING to do with their actual businesses!

Incredible? Eh, not really… that’s how powerful these strategies are!

A lot can happen in this industry if you stay the course. And when it does, the flood gates will open.

I learned from those who had laid the path before me. I implemented what they taught me. And here I am today. These results are real…I am real…and this is my story.

So are YOU ready to do what it takes to be a successful marketer? If so, I will teach you. I will teach you EXACTLY what was taught to me. And more than that, I will teach you all that I learned on my own and save you years of time and wasted money on useless products.

If you notice, I’m not jumping up and down telling you how much you can make or how much I’ve made. Why? I am looking to partner with serious, intelligent people ready to build a business. Entrepreneurial minded people with great work ethic READY to do WHATEVER it takes, as long as it takes. Besides, my results don’t guarantee your own. Anyone can be successful, but that’s up to them.

Again, if you’re looking for a lottery ticket, PLEASE do us both a favor and answer someone else’s ad. If you’re looking to make it BIG and make it FAST, it won’t happen…success comes with HARD WORK. And the results are sweet!!

I work with some of the top income earners in the industry. Not only will we teach you how to do exactly what we do, we will continue to work together. I will be your personal coach every step of the way.

Masterminding in Boca Raton

If this is all too good to be true, then I suggest that you maybe go back to whatever you’re doing and put your money into a savings account. You will be joining 200 MILLION other broke people who choose to slave their lives away with nothing to show for it.

The problem is not that it could be too good to be true, the problem is that people who think that way are just using that as an excuse because subconsciously they don’t feel they deserve something this great. I can only show you the door… YOU will have to walk through it.

I was raised knowing I could BE, DO, and HAVE whatever I want, as long as I just make big decisions and put my mind to it. I did exactly that, and so can you. Just get out of your own way!

Don’t let someone like me tell you what to do. Make your own decision. You’ll either be glad you did or regret you didn’t.

This is about YOU changing YOUR financial situation. If you are serious about changing your life forever fill out the form below. I am ready and able to assist you!

Magentic Sponsoring's Mike Dillard

I Want To Mentor You..

Learn the EXACT marketing blueprint that I use to build my own business.

See everything for yourself, right now. See how you can personally work with me IMMEDIATELY upon submitting your info below! You will see exactly what it takes to join my team.

I have trained business executives, doctors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, teachers, stay at home moms, engineers, to name a few…and I can help YOU.

Remember this is NOT a money game. If you are looking for “get rich quick” or an easy pass to wealth and have a lottery based mentality, DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS AD!

However, if you have always wanted to own your own successful home based business, have a personal mentor and coach with a legitimate company, all while being part of an exciting team, this may be for you!

  • See how you can LEVERAGE our Success.
  • This is NOT a “FREE Work at Home JOB!”
  • This is NOT MLM! (Amway, Herbalife, Xango, Etc)
  • This is NOT Stuffing envelopes, Medical Billing, Gifting, Surveys, “Get Rich Quick”, or a “Money Game”!
  • This is a REAL Legitimate Network Marketing Business for Serious Business Minded Entrepreneurs.
  • Serious Inquiries Only Please for carbon copy pro review


Fill out the FORM to the right and join my personal list and
get on the inside track to success!


What happens after I submit my information?

After submitting your info you will also be logged into the COMPREHENSIVE business and income opportunity overview page where you will SEE HOW FIRST HAND HOW EVERYTHING WORKS! You will have the opportunity complete an application and to do your due diligence, and then contact us with your questions. about carbon copy pro review.

Don’t worry:Your information is safe and will never be sold to third parties. We hate SPAM too!




Your friend on the “inside”,

Art Basmajian

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carbon copy pro review::MLM Kings weigh in on CPP, Carboncopypro, pro, carbon copy, system by Jay Kubasek.

carbon copy pro review:: have actually come across a system that can make a huge positive impact on the network marketing system. This very impressive company Carbon Copy PRO has been in business for four years. Jay Kubassek who lives in New York started it.

 have actually come across a system that can make a huge positive impact on the network marketing system. This very impressive company Carbon Copy PRO has been in business for four years. Jay Kubassek who lives in New York started it.

He was one of us who tried so many companies and lost so much money till he decided that was it. Within six months of starting this company he was making more per month and the average American makes in a year. And this system has created a bunch of millionaires, so now they say they are going to produce 100 more millionaires by 2012.

For some reason, I believe they are going to do it.

How many network marketing plans have you tried? Ok, be honest and think about how many and how many have you failed. Why are you looking for another opportunity? This is the first company that I have come across as reviewing so many network-marketing systems that have been around. Companies that you and I have tried over and over again. They didn't work, not for me, not for you. This is why you reading my article. We are both looking for something legitimate and that takes on the Internet Marketing method and can help us to build a real, residual income. Income that will come in our sleep.

Carbon Copy PRO may the one. As I have been researching a lot of businesses, and the list is not short. This program actually makes sense to me. Residual Income can only be earned one way and that is customer acquisition and Customer retention.

Customer Acquisitions: this business makes you a partner, so you are in business "with" the company, not "for" them. It becomes a partnership to profit share in the future purchases of real customers. And your customers are reached through the massive Media.

Cooperative Marketing System. Now that is title or phrase that I have not seen since my research into network marketing and direct sales marketing. This company has made huge shift away from the "traditional" business models. And they support a very high retention rate.

The difference in the Carbon Copy Pro business that I see is the satisfied customers. They love the products and the other difference is most MLM, the products are purchased mainly for self-consumption, because they are have a min of product they need to buy, but not here.

Support and Marketing Materials: Not only do they help you obtain customers, and service your customers for you, but they also Market to your customers. far this is legit. I know you are thinking I have been falling off my little rocker here, but I assure you, I am really looking into this.

They have a very talented staff of designers and writers that create some incredible and proven marketing materials that are sent out to YOUR customers monthly. And guess what? There is NO Additional cost to you.

Now you are wondering what their products are. Their products focus on Total Wellness. The 3 major product target areas are WEIGHT LOSS - PERFORMANCE - HEALTHY AGING.

What kind of Support and Training will you get if you join? Well, I am going to list them for you since there are enough to make a list with.

1. Free Websites: You will get your OWN personalized and self-replicating versions of the EXACT company -hosted site. There will also be a Resource Site-exclusively for you and the rest of the gang.

2. Live Conference Call & Video Training - You will be able to listen in on the regular CORP Conference and Team calls.

3. Email Trainings for 365 Days - You will begin by receiving emails scheduled to come to you daily, giving you building tips and encouragement.

4. they are a viral marketing system

5. pays for itself and sustains the cost of marketing

6. qualifies your leads, sells them and then closes them.

7. People actually will pay you to see your system.

8. Anyone! Can succeed at this.

I think this is worth your checking into. Set the others aside, we know those don't work, and see what Carbon Copy PRO has to offer you. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Learn the Lemons from the Straight MLM Winners and read about Trivita from Brian Garvin and Jeff West at MLM Review Kings.
This article may be used royalty free provided Bio & Links remain intact.
Copyright © Mission Billion, Inc. All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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carbon copy pro review::Carbon Copy Pro - A Review from someone who hasn't made money in carbon copy pro yet

carbon copy pro review::If you have been searching the web looking for home based businesses or how to earn extra money, you may have seen the words Carbon Copy Pro. So, what is that?This article will inform you of what Carbon

If you have been searching the web looking for home based businesses or how to earn extra money, you may have seen the words Carbon Copy Pro. So, what is that?

This article will inform you of what Carbon Copy Pro is and what it can do for you.

Carbon Copy Pro is a program designed to teach you how to market on the internet. It is the brain child of two very successful internet marketers. They originally named it Carbon Copy because the program was built on the exact methods they used to amass their wealth. Their message to potential clients is "just do what we did, and here is what we did". The word Pro was tacked on after the program was upgraded.

Carbon Copy Pro is a series of lessons, telephone conference call recordings and recorded webinars. There is a plan laid out for new students which guides them through the training so that the present is logical.

Once training is completed, there are also marketing plans which the students can follow depending on their available marketing budget. Students can market their own product or program. However, if they do not have one, CCP will introduce them to the product that most members market.

So, what will Carbon Copy Pro do for you? It will teach you how to market on the internet, and will help you to become successful.

When you first enter the back office, there is a "Start Here" tab that contains all the administrative information. Next is the Pro U which has a number of training modules on marketing.

The meat of the training is in the 13 specific training modules which teach Facebook marketing, article marketing, blogging, twitter, and all the popular methods of marketing on the internet.

When you join Carbon Copy Pro, you join an incredible community of entrepreneurs that will help you become successful in so many ways. You now have at your finger-tips a world-class marketing platform, superior training, and a patient support team to assist you.

You are not alone in this new venture.

We are here to help you every step of the way. But ultimately, it's not up to us to take action for you, you have to take responsibility and take the necessary actions to drive your business.


Ted Felber invites you explore a cutting edge company. So, if you are ready to be the CEO of your own business, ready to stop working longer for less pay, and ready to finally earn the type of income you deserve. See the system that has changed thousands of lives and can help you be your own boss using the power of the internet: Go to

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